For My Students

Music to Enjoy

A great way to improve your playing is to listen to great performances and great music. For 2022-2023, I'm challenging all my students to listen to a few of these great pieces.

Amazing Apps

There are so many great apps available for piano students. Here are a few of my current favorites:

  • Note Rush (Apple, Android, $4.99) - This note name app uses the piano, so students build the direct relationship between what they see and what they play. There are five levels, and the app keeps track of the students best time!

  • Flashnote Derby (Apple, Android, $4.99) - A fun way to improve on note naming skills. This app is very customizable - great for any level student.

  • Ningenius (Apple, $2.99) - This app has it all! This karate themed app that works on both note reading and rhythm skills is a student favorite.

  • Rhythm Lab (Apple, $5.99) - As the name suggests, this one focuses on improving rhythm skills. This is an extensive app: plenty of levels, options for both one or two handed rhythms, etc. Again, great for any level student.

  • The Most Addicting Sheep Game (Apple, $0.99) - This game is just plain fun, and it works on learning a steady beat as well as hand-eye coordination without the students realizing they're learning!

Manuscript Paper

If you need blank music paper to compose your own songs, visit