Welcome to the portfolio of Lisa Shoemaker, including examples of the work I've done and my resume.  Enjoy.

Projects for Shoemaker Piano Studio
  • Song arrangements for students
    • Twinkle, Twinkle - I arranged the traditional tune so students could hear the difference between styles of the historical musical periods.
    • The Entertainer - I arranged this level-appropriate duet for a student who requested this piece.
    • Inspector Gadget - I arranged this level-appropriate version for a student who requested this piece.
    • Over the Waves - I arranged this level-appropriate version for a student who requested this piece.
  • Studio worksheets / reference materials
    • Note Name Flashcards - I created this file using Finale and Adobe Photoshop so my students could make their own note name flashcards for home use.
    • Music Spelling - This worksheet was created for my students as a fun way to review note names and notation.
    • Music Notation - This worksheet was created for a group lesson where we learned about proper music notation.
  • Student compositions
    • Winter Solitude - This song was written by a student of mine.  After the students provide me with a hand-written copy of their song, I provide them with an "official" copy.
Projects for West Shore Evangelical Free Church, Mechanicsburg, PA
  • Lead Sheets
    • Come, People of the Risen King - Occasionally, our worship team introduces a song to the congregation before music is available from the publisher.  This lead sheet was created from listening to the recording.
    • Now Thank We All Our God - I created this updated arrangement of the hymn for our worship team.
  • Choir Arrangements
    • Before the Throne of God Above - In 2008, the WSEFC choir sang back-up at a GLAD concert.  I took GLAD's original version of this song and created this slightly simplified SATB backing arrangement to be sung with their original version.
    • Praise to the Lord (Hallelujahs) - This is a simple SATB arrangement of the chorus to "Praise to the Lord, the Almighty" by Christy Nockles, created by me for the WSEFC choir.
  • Instrumental Arrangements
    • Do You Hear What I Hear? - This arrangement was originally done by Houston Symphony and Lakewood Church.  By contacting Lakewood Church, we were able to obtain the rhythm chart, but not the choir or orchestra parts.  I recreated them by listening to the recording (creating parts for the instruments we knew would be joining us).
    • I Will Rise - This string arrangement was created to accompany the rhythm section and vocals.
Miscellaneous Projects
  • The following were transcribed for a string player I know.  Occasionally, their string quartet will use three violinists instead of violins and viola.  I was asked to adapt the viola part into a 3rd violin part.  This is a small sample of the work done for them.